Protecting Your Brand – Socially

Over the last year, social media has become a staple in online marketing strategies, emerging as a viable source for customer acquisition. Companies in the know have created strategies to leverage social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to drive traffic and brand awareness. However, the introduction of social media is not only a new stream of marketing, it has given a voice to customers everywhere. In some cases social media has become a public forum for customers to vocalize issues, concerns and frustrations. This has become a great opportunity to centralize your business strategies around the consumer, making Customer Experience your company’s top priority.

It is important to respond to these social issues and rectify them as if they were a customer service call. However, most mid-level companies do not staff a Quality Assurance or Social Brand Manager in-house to address such issues on a regular basis. Here are some tips on how to locate, manage and rectify any of these reviews, comments or complaints.

    Establish benchmarks on what to respond to and how to respond. It is okay to delete a bad wall post or review if it is unwarranted, but most of the time the best course of action is to engage with a helpful response.
    Establish a method for archiving and recording all communication to assist you in future correspondence.
    Set up Google Alerts for your brand keywords. Google alerts will alert you each and every time a link is indexed by Google containing your brand name.
    There are several tools out there to help you monitor keywords and social media avenues very cheap. Take a look on the web and see what works within your budget.
    Log on to your social networks daily to review comments and answer them accordingly.

Hopefully, this will assist you in protecting your brand through the rush of attention you should be getting. Social Media is not going anywhere and is a great tool for businesses, but it needs to be tweaked and massaged regularly to avoid being counter-productive. Good luck out there.

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