Online Retail – How valuable is site optimization and conversion?

When talking to our clients I spend a hefty amount of time discussing search engine marketing strategies, customer acquisition tactics and overall web traffic initiatives. Most of the time we don’t spend our initial conversations about site conversion and its importance in today’s market.  Maybe because some retailers take it as a slap in the face and a personal shot at their branded storefront.  However, after we begin to pour through data and analytics, it always becomes a focal point of our strategy. In my opinion conversion rate is the first place to start with mid-level and larger websites.  Many conferences and rugs are dedicated to this very topic nationwide as it continues to push to the forefront of company agenda.

Did you know that the average global conversion rate hovers around 2-3%? That means that only 2-3 visitors out of 100 visitors complete a purchase or lead.  This is a great metric for improvement for most online retailers and something they should definitely focus on.  Especially in a case where your conversion rate hovers below 2% . There is room for improvement, believe me. What would an additional 1% growth to your conversion rate mean in terms of revenue? You could double your online business overnight with a few simple tweaks and changes.

Focus on:

  • Call to Action
  • Customer Experience
  • Eliminating Possible Gaps
  • Maintaining Design Scent
  • Adding a Value Proposition

    Checkout the following infographic I felt illustrated this point more thoroughly.


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