Endeca Discover 2011

Last week, I attended Endeca Discover 2011 in Phoenix Arizona. The conference consisted primarily of case studies and technical workshops geared for Endeca software users.  While there were some great sessions devoted to the software and its range of uses, most of the sessions I found myself in related specifically to social media and mobile initiatives that many of these Internet Retailer top 100 companies were implementing to prepare their businesses for the growing markets.  I have compiled a list of interesting facts and takeaways regarding social media and mobile marketing that I thought would be interesting discussion points to share.

Developing a mobile application? Best Practices –

  • Make it scalable – Develop for Iphone, android, then blackberry
  • Know your customers – Build for your users
  • Set realistic Expectations – Not every company is Amazon
  • Be prepared to move swiftly  – implementation time is huge
  • Don’t create another silo – App design, experience, data should match web site
  • While useful, avoid letting the HPPO Effect (highest paid person’s opinion) trump design. Let data drive design
  • Measure results and learn from customers – Mobile AOV much lower than traditional website

How do you promote it?

  • Use social media (Twitter, Facebook, blog) to promote the app
  • Leverage your email list to engage users – start with loyalty customers.
  • Create a contest or promotion to incentivize downloads
  • Pinpoint ease of use

Interesting Studies on “Super Connecteds” (love this term) –

“Super Connecteds” – online users who own/use 5 or more device types to access internet. (PC, laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Television, Gaming console, etc.)

  • Tablets will eclipse laptop sales by 2015
  • 43.2 Million homes will have internet connected television by 2015
  • Kinect for XBox reached 10 million sales in 2010 (released in November)
  • 58% of US adults will use internet to research product prior to purchase – up from 43% in 2007

Social Commerce –

  • Currently 662 Million Facebook users
  • Average Facebook user age – 38 years old
  • 66% of consumers  are inclined to login to ecommerce sites with Facebook connect application
  • Once logged in via Facebook Connect, users are 78% more likely to share reviews, ratings and other content.
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