Increase your click thru rates with three simple steps.

Even paid search campaigns that are producing great results can be optimized. With any marketing channel, it is important to quantify a Return on ad spend (ROAS). If the ROAS is not where it needs to be for your campaigns then there are some modifications you can make to your campaigns to get them where they need to be. Where is an easy place to start? Focus on the click through rates (CTR). Make sure that the ads you are showing for a certain query or keyword are performing to their maximum potential. Here are three easy steps you can take to move the needle in the right direction.

Descriptive Ad Copy
Several companies use “broad match” keywords to gain mass coverage for a particular subject or topic. That way you can serve a much larger variety of ads for a specific search query. This works well for companies with large product catalogs or long tail keywords. The only issue is that the ad copy is not necessarily as targeted as they can be.

Try creating groups of exact or phrase match keywords (this will take some time) based on the demand you are seeing in your Adwords account. Then assign more descriptive ad copy to those keywords and get a better CTR.

Use Search Term Data

Okay this is a great tool. Analyzing searches will help you understand your target customers and the performance of your campaign from a behavioral perspective. Use the Search terms Tool.

  1. Sign in to your AdWords
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the Keywords tab.
  4. Click the See search terms button above your statistics table.
  5. Select All from the menu to analyze the search terms for all your listed keywords. To only see search terms for specific keywords, first select the checkboxes for the keywords you’re interested in, then click Select from the menu.

Establish what Search terms are converting for you and how they are affecting your overall CPA or ROAS. You may find that focusing on long tail keywords may lower your overall cost and convert better. Break these out in groups to manage them better.

Establish High Volume Search Queries

You can also use the tool above to establish your top search queries and begin breaking our exact phrase match keywords for these campaigns (and ad copy as we discussed earlier).  Then remove them from the broad match group. This will isolate keywords that have a low quality score or rank and that have historically driven down the overall campaign and costing you more advertising dollars. You can still keep that group, just manage it separately.

There are several opportunities to increase the performance of CTR, but ultimately you want to optimize your campaign for performance. Long term, with a higher CTR, Google will view those ads as having more authority and reward your efforts by boosting ads at a lower cost and show them more frequently in a higher position.

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